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Not at the present time. While we planned on leaving some time in the schedule to accommodate walk-ins, appointments seemed to have filled all of the available time slots.
In reality, we didn’t have a choice due to this lame set of rules passed our way back in March of 2020. However, we were working on finding a way to make sure we could dedicate time to our customers and never feel rushed by the amount of people in the waiting room that walk-in’s often created.
Well… if we can find the right one, we will! Jamie has always been very picky about the quality of work that comes out of Starfire. In the service industry, this can be the biggest issue when it comes to growth. So much of our day is fielding questions & calls regarding piercings done incorrectly, lack of aftercare given at a studio, & don’t even get us started on the complications of places selling poor quality jewelry. If you know a body piercing who is as concerned about quality as we are, send them our way.
Unfortunately as the saying goes, “The bad ones ruin it for everyone else.” And there have just been too many bad ones lately. As we are so fortunate to be so busy, it is devastating to our business when someone does not arrive to their appointment. Not only for us, but for the other people who were hoping to get in sooner and had to wait.
A deposit is required to secure an appointment time in the schedule. The deposit is generally equivelent to the cost of the piercing procedure scheduled. This does not include the cost for jewelry, aftercare, or additional procedures done at the same appointment. Deposits are non-refundable or transferrable. The deposit amount is taken off of the total fee at the time of the procedure.
A deposit will be forfeit if:
  • Customer no shows for their appointment
  • Customer cancels or reschedules their appointment with less than 48 hours notice. Please call or come in to Starfire before this time if you need to reschedule.
  • Customer arrives 10 minutes late to appointment
  • Customer reschedules 3 or more times for the same appointment, regardless of notice
  • Customer arrives to a piercing appointment without valid government issued id
    • Same applies to a minor whos parent does not arrive with their valid government issued id
  • Customer is under the influence of a substance that causes inebriation

Please arrive BEFORE your schedule appointment time to allow for time to check-in, complete your consent form, pick out jewelry, go over any details with the counterstaff, etc… We do our best to stay close to the schedule, and with appointments booked back-to-back one person arriving late can throw off the whole day. You are always welcome to come in anytime during retail hours to pick out jewelry ahead of the day of your appointment. Shop our webstore www.starfirebodyjewelry.com as well and feel free to come in with saved items for us to better assist you.

For sanitation reasons there are no returns or exchanges on any body jewelry. All of our body jewelry carries a lifetime guarantee on any manufacturer defects.

Government issued ID is required for anyone getting a piercing done. This ID must be present at the time of the piercing, and must be valid.

  • In the case of a minor getting a piercing their parent must be present at the time of the procedure with the appropriate id referenced above. In the case of a minor with legal guardians, a copy of the Legal Guardianship forms from the court will need to be copied.