Welcome to Starfire Body Piercing


On any given day at Starfire you can find Jamie piercing a kiddos earlobes, or helping an 18-year-old consent to their first nostril piercing as an adult. Finding the perfect new jewelry for a set of friends matching ear projects, even piercing an 87-year-old’s nipples. Yep, we really do get to know EVERYONE at Starfire. With over 20 years of poking holes in people, Jamie still thrives on meeting genuine people from all walks of life.

“My job is more than just poking holes in people. It’s providing a place where people know they can get a procedure that isn’t rushed, the highest quality body jewelry, an outlet for creativity… but where we get to escape our day-to-day for a bit and have a little fun.”

Starfire is not interested in cultivating anything but longstanding relationships with its loyal piercing enthusiasts. We love getting to know our customers jewelry styles, addressing any concerns they may have, learning about their interests and making sure their piercing fits their lifestyle. 

We build trusting relationships with our customers which extends beyond the initial appointment. Our thorough aftercare and follow-up sets us apart from other piercing studios. As well as offering custom sizing, and custom jewelry design, for our high-end body jewelry.

Our unique store is designed to provide the most luxurious, safe, sterile and comfortable piercing experience and showcase a large selection of fine body jewelry.

Jamie Rundle

Boss Lady, Starfire Body Piercing